Apologies ma’am, but we’ll work

There may be a proper royal knee-up at the palace, but four out of ten staff members in Britain will not stop working on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Bank holiday.

According to a recent survey, 18% admitted that they would miss out completely when one in ten plans to take it another day.

And another 11% are still unsure whether they will benefit from the extra bank leave. More than one-fifth of those who are working on June 3 cannot afford to spend time, Plymouth respondents probably mentioned that reason.

Showing their patriotic side, about 3 out of 10 people were not even aware that an extra day off was available this year, which shows how easy it is to lose the benefits of work and the holiday track. And men are about 50% more likely to be in the dark with the extra time on offer.

Oliver Rainer, managing director of Caspian Insurance, who conducted the study, said: “It is a sad but true fact that many hardworking people in Britain cannot take a leave of absence to attend the Queen’s birthday party. People are missing out on time for the whole nation because of anxiety. ”

And it’s not just the Queen’s birthday that the British are missing out – six out of 10 workers lose at least one paid day off each year, while 15% agree not to take four to six days off from their annual leave allowance.

For those who manage to use all of their paid leave, three-quarters admit that they log in to emails while away, work overtime before the break, and let others know that they are ‘out of the office’ or on official annual leave while communicating while logging in. And work.

When it comes to self-employment, about a quarter say they seldom take work leave because they can’t afford it, while 36% say they allocate their unpaid leave to ensure they get a break.

When workers are asked about other financial concerns, only one-fifth (18%) admit that they are most stressed about not being able to spend time when they are sick. More than a third (36%) are worried about saving for their future, while 18% fear not being able to save for their child’s future.

Rainer continued: “Unfortunately, the cost of living crisis is getting worse before it gets better, so it is becoming harder for many hired and self-employed workers to protect their income. And adopting a Critical Illness cover policy because they want peace of mind for them and their loved ones. Seeking professional financial advice can help ensure your salary – and your lifestyle – if you are unable to work and if you become too ill to work. But it can give you peace of mind to recover. “

He added: “Hopefully those who missed out on celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will be able to remember the day in their own way.”

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