As soft dollars, gold companies reject pressure from higher yields

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Gold prices rose on Wednesday

A weaker dollar copes with pressure from a stronger treasury

An aggressive stance on yields and inflation by the US Federal Reserve

The head of the reserve.

A weaker dollar makes gold more attractive to buyers

Keep other coins.


* Spot gold rose 0.1% to 8 1,816.56 an ounce, by

0106 GMT. US gold futures fell 0.2% to 1,814.50.

* Dollar fall raises for fourth day,

Pulling back from a recent two-decade high against a basket

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As the main peers, investors’ appetite for risk increases

The bet has reduced the appeal of the US currency.

* However, the yield on the US 10-year Treasury benchmark

The note has stabilized after a sharp rise in the previous session,

Capping demand for zero-yield gold.

* Fed Chair Jerome Powell promised Tuesday that the United States

The central bank will raise interest rates as much as necessary

Inflation killed a surge that he said threatened the foundation

Of economics

* Fed raises its benchmark policy rate

Three-quarters percentage points this year, and there are tracks

To increase it again in half-percent-point increments

The next two meetings are in June and July.

* Although seen as an inflation hedge, bullion is sensitive

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Rising U.S. short-term interest rates and bond yields, which

Increase the cost of the opportunity to hold it.

* As a consumer, U.S. retail sales rose sharply in April

Bought motor vehicles and in the improvement of supply

Frequent restaurants, no signs of declining demand

Despite high inflation.

* Spot Silver rose 0.2% to $ 21.66 an ounce, platinum

0.1% increase to $ 952.31, and palladium improved

0.2% to 2,057.35

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0130 Australia Wage Price Index Q1

0600 UK CPI YY April

0900 EU HICP Final April

1230 U.S. Housing Start Number April

(Report by Bharat Govinda Gautam in Bangalore; edited by

Shuvrangshu Sahu)

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