Canadian airlines must follow the example of Air Canada and pay airline staff.

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – CUPE’s airline division, which represents 15,000 flight attendants on nine Canadian airlines, said other major carriers such as WestJet, Air Transit and Sunwing should follow the example set by Air Canada during the flight this week and You have to pay for it. Delay time landing at Pearson Airport.

Wesley Lesowski, president of CUPE’s airline division and president of CUPE’s Air Canada component, said: “This can happen when unions and employers work together: we can find solutions that benefit everyone.”

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Although the policies differ from airline to airline, in general, flight attendants are paid significantly less for on-site time – or not at all. The problem has been exacerbated in recent months by the lack of staff at Canadian airports, which has resulted in two to three hours of delays in the security screening and deployment process.

“Our members are working just as hard on the ground to keep passengers safe and comfortable in the sky, and they deserve full pay for every minute they wear after uniforms,” ​​said Rena Kisfalvi, Secretary-Treasurer of CUPE’s Airline Division and President of CUPE 4055. , Which represents flight attendants at Sunwing.

CUPE is raising the issue of flight attendants working for free, even though they are assigned to work on the ground in uniform.

“Air Canada has moved forward,” Lesowski said. “Now, it’s time for other carriers to follow it.”

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