CEM has announced the launch of a new global reporting standard for benchmarking

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TORONTO – A team of experts from leading pension companies has agreed to participate in a CEM benchmarking initiative to create a new global reporting standard for institutional investors (GRSii). The value will provide a comprehensive, clear and accessible guideline for performance reporting, including costs. These new values ​​will improve market transparency and reporting and enable more comparative peer-to-peer analysis.

GRSii’s board will initially consist of seven members and one CEM chair and secretary for institutional investors. The board brings together seasoned leaders from major geographic regions, including

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  • Christopher Isleman, CIO, California State Teachers Retirement System
  • Trent Brandy, Principal, Investment Reporting and Insights, AustralianSuper
  • Doug Clark, Head of Investment Research and Solutions, BT Pension Scheme
  • Julie Dexcos, Senior Director FP&A, Public Sector Pension Investment Board
  • Frits Meerdink, Fund Management Expert, PGGM
  • Frank Tobosh, Internal Control Specialist, ABP
  • Natalie Gabba, Senior Director, Financial Performance and Administration, Casey de Depot at Placement du Quebec

GRSii will expand the standard of existing regional cost reporting by incorporating investment performance and making it globally applicable and relevant. This will be a modular standard that will enable better maintenance as well as the opportunity to expand the standard as needed.

The standard will be published in early 2023 with an initial focus on the definition of total investment costs, followed by the details and relevance of the proposed cost disclosure. Other topics to explore include leverage, the cost of pension administration and responsible investment.

If you are interested in learning more, or would like to respond to the GRSii standard, please contact us at https://www.cembenchmarking.com/contact-us.html.

About CEM Benchmarking (CEM)

CEM benchmarking is leading, Independent provider of cost and performance benchmarking information for fiduciary and resource pool managers: defined benefits, defined contributions, sovereign resources, and other managed resources worldwide. Conduct cost-effective operations that create value for their stakeholders, whether directly or through advisors / consultants, with a deep commitment to help CEM clients. With over 30 years at AUM and a robust database of $ 11 + trillion spread across AUM, CEM helps more than half of the world’s top 300 pension schemes understand and manage their costs and performance. CEM’s proprietary database offers better pension results through both state-of-the-art research and annual conference hosting.

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