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Arken, Media Mechanics and Source Strike, a subsidiary under Republic, combines strengths to form tech hub

TORONTO – Three of its citizens have joined forces this month as preliminary evidence of the Republicans’ innovative agency model. Arcane’s web development group is teaming up with Media Mechanics and Source Strike to deliver top-notch web, mobile and app development in their shared client portfolio.

This is a powerful example of the Republic’s new agency model. After several acquisitions over the past year, the announcement implements their vision – bringing together the best agencies in their field to join forces for real growth for clients in e-commerce, b2b and technology.

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“We are all excited about this change. It will provide clients across each agency and larger Republics group with enhanced web and app development capabilities and capabilities that support the critical need for digital transformation across our growing client base, ”said Michael Perry, Republix’s Chief Operating Officer.

The newly formed group brings together award-winning e-commerce optimization capabilities, word-of-mouth engineers and experienced development leaders. This leads to a breadth and depth that is unique to the marketing landscape. Using the core talents of each citizen allows for innovative solutions beyond what was possible as an independent store.

“If you know Arcane, you know we’re not afraid to try new things,” said Scott Hartley, Arcane’s chief operating officer. “We are proud to be part of this next step in building a ‘superteam’ under the Republican umbrella. It brings a wide range of technical skills to an integrated one-partner offer that makes it easy for clients to get what they need and take our products to the next level. ”

About Republics

Republix is ​​a fast-growing, socially-conscious group that is leading real change in the advertising, marketing and technology industries. Republix is ​​integrating the fragmented marketing industry by acquiring top-class agencies and expanding them to fuel growth for their clients. Combining discipline across the marketing spectrum, Republics offers a wide range of marketing and growth-related services, with predictable results.

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