Climate protesters blocked the start of a shell shareholder meeting

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LONDON – Dozens of climate protesters disrupted Shell’s annual general meeting (AGM) on Tuesday, chanting slogans and holding banners as shell chair Andrew McKenzie tried to start the meeting.

Shell called on its shareholders to vote in a resolution supporting its climate strategy and to reject a climate resolution from activists, another recurrence of which received 30% of the vote at last year’s AGM.

“You will have a board and as shareholders we will ask you to stay with us (in the room),” McKenzie said after chanting slogans for about half an hour, such as “We will stop you” and “Shell must fall”. Procedure

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He told the protesters they would be removed if they did not stop.

Police arrived at Central London’s event but allowed the protesters to continue slogans for more than an hour after the meeting was scheduled to begin.

“We are here to embarrass them and hold them accountable as much as possible. They know what is happening. We are not here to educate them, “said Aidan Knox, a money laundering activist linked to the extinction of the Climate Protest Group.

Mackenzie and Shell chief executive Ben Van Boureden were both on stage, watching the protesters face rocks, and even a curtain behind them said the meeting was “temporarily adjourned.” (Edited by David Goodman and Mark Potter)

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