CUPE corrects wage injustice for Air Canada members

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Vancouver, British Columbia – CUPE’s Air Canada component is pleased to see progress on a significant salary for Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge members. The union talked about land delays at Pearson Airport last week, with members working at significantly lower pay or free time, due to an old policy that paid flight attendants very little for their time – or nothing – the ground, however, has now changed.

Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge have just signed a memorandum of understanding with CUPE to increase the ground duty pay on Pearson Airport “metering” – the process of handling air traffic in and out of the terminal – by 100 percent.

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Wesley Lesowski, president of CUPE’s Air Canada component, said: “It was unfair to hire our members for free.

The memorandum also acknowledges the effect of delays on flight attendants’ schedules and sets out considerations to ensure that flight attendants are given adequate rest for their next scheduled assignments after long unscheduled ground delays.

“This represents significant progress for Air Canada and our members at Air Canada Rouge, but we know we are not the only airline facing this problem,” Lesowski added. “We will continue to fight across our union to ensure that all our members are paid fairly for their time. No one should work for free. ”

CUPE’s Air Canada component represents about 9,500 flight attendants on Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge. CUPE’s air division represents approximately 15,000 flight attendants across nine different airlines.

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Media Relations, CUPE
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