Dominion Lending Centers Inc. Announces the results of the shareholders’ meeting

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Vancouver, British Columbia, May 17, 2022 (GlobeNewswire) – Dominion Lending Centers Inc. (TSX: DLCG) (“DLCG” or “Corporation”) is pleased to announce that the following seven (7) directors have been nominated by its shareholders today. And special meetings:

Vote for Voting suspended
Numbers Percentage (%) Numbers Percentage (%)
Gary Maurice 35,277,984 99.994% 2,066 0.006%
Chris Kayat 35,277,984 99.994% 2,066 0.006%
Trevor Bruno 34,930,884 99.010% 349,166 0.990%
James Bell 35,275,384 99.987% 4,666 0.013%
Kingsley Ward 35,259,384 99.941% 20,666 0.059%
Ron Grayton 35,264,384 99.956% 15,666 0.044%
Dennis Psychora 35,275,384 99.987% 4,666 0.013%

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About Dominion Lending Centers Inc.

DLC Group is a leading network of Canadian mortgage professionals. DLC Group Dominion Lending Center and its three main partners, MCC Mortgage Center Canada Inc., MA Mortgage Architects Inc. And Newton Connectivity Systems Inc. They work through and have activities throughout Canada. The DLC Group has an extensive network of ~ 7,750 agents and 530 locations. Headquartered in British Columbia, DLC Group was founded in 2006 by Gary Morris and Chris Kayat.

The contact information for the corporation is as follows:

James Bell
[email protected]
Robin Barpi
Co-Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]
Amar Leekha
Senior Vice-President, Capital Markets
[email protected]

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