Euro Resources – Appointment of Chairman of the Board of Directors and

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News release Paris: EUR

Appointment of Chairman of the Board of Directors

And the Declaration of Dividends

Paris, France, May 18, 2022: Euro Resources SA (“Euro” or “The Company”) (Paris: EUR) effective report from May 18, 2022, the Board of Directors was re-elected at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on May 18, 2022. Is held. Mr David Watkins has been re-appointed as chairman of the EURO’s board of directors. In addition, Mr. Tedian Barry and Mrs. Sophie Haley have been reappointed to the offices of Director General and Director General of Delegue, respectively.

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In addition, the EURO reported that at the annual general meeting of shareholders held on May 18, 2022, it was decided that a dividend of € 0.25 per ordinary share would be paid to the shareholders of the company. The ex-dividend date will be June 7, 2022, the dividend record date will be June 8, 2022, and the dividend payment date will be June 9, 2022.

About the euro

EURO is a French company whose main assets are the royalties of Rosebell gold mine production in Suriname (“Rosebell royalty”), the royalty of Paul Isnard discount, the silver flow of a subsidiary of Orezon Gold Corporation (“Orezone”). And marketable securities. The Rosebell Gold Mine is 95% owned by IAMGOLD Corporation (“IAMGOLD”), and operated by IAMGOLD. The royalty on the Paul Isnard discount is the production royalty on the future production of the Paul Isnard discount and is an area of ​​interest in the vicinity of the discount in French Guiana, owned under a joint venture agreement between Oriya Mining Corporation and Nord Gold SE (Nord Gold SE). “Montagon D’Or of Company Mini”). The Silver Flow owns 50% of the silver production payable in my life at the Bombore project in Oregon, located in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

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The euro owes about 62.5 million shares. On May 18, 2022, IAMGOLD France SAS (“IAMGOLD France”), an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of IAMGOLD, owns 90% of all issued EURO outstanding shares. As of May 18, 2022, IAMGOLD France had 56,242,153 shares, representing 112,300,344 franchises or 94.40% of the euro franchise. This threshold crossing results from the allocation of a double voting right.

Additional information regarding EURO Resources SA is available at SEDAR under the issuing profile of EURO Requests for more information should be addressed to:

Tedian Barry

General Director
Telephone: +1 450 677 0040
Email: [email protected]

Sophie Haley

Chief Operating Officer

Telephone: +1 450 677 0040
Email: [email protected]


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