Formula One group in the digital NFT world.

According to industry rumors, the Formula One Group, which is expanding beyond the racing tracks, has just concluded a very promising deal.

The board of Formula One Group is constantly redesigning its services to engage young audiences outside of F-1 racing and racetrack.

The new agreement, signed by Formula One Group and New Zealand’s up-and-coming company Sagidis Limited, which operates in the non-fungible token industry, could be the beginning of a very ambitious path for both parties.

The deal will definitely boost the status of the newly merged F-1 sponsor Sagidis Limited. The company will now be able to develop its market more dynamically and attract a substantial contribution to its investment fund. On the other hand, the sponsorship agreement allows both parties to launch Formula One Group full-scale entry into the digital NFT world. The company’s media resources sign a number of promising agreements each year, aimed at attracting a wider audience, but this agreement could open up entirely new vectors of future development.

This collaboration could launch a series of projects – we’re even envisioning a potential F-1 NFT collection.

The NFT market has incredible potential and is already the most talked about topic at the juncture of digital and financial markets, so this partnership looks very auspicious.

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