GCN and Europe’s largest export port, Antwerp-Bruges port, Belgium sign

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London – Giga Carbon Neutrality Inc. (“GCN”), a clean commercial transport and technology company, and the Port Authority of Antwerp-Bruges, Belgium, Europe’s largest export port operator, the largest throughput port for vehicles, and the leading chemical hub Europe have signed a memorandum of understanding for strategic cooperation.

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GCN will conduct vehicle and ship automation pilot programs in Belgium, as well as integrate the port’s leading position in the global supply chain. The Port Authority of Antwerp-Bruges will assist GCN’s development in Europe by providing the necessary support and relationships to facilitate GCN’s increased development opportunities for global business.

The agreement was signed by Tom Hautekeet, COO of Port of Antwerp-Bruges, and Richard Martin, CEO of GCN.

Richard Martin, CEO of Giga Carbon Neutrality, commented:

Through this agreement, GCN and Port of Antwerp-Bruges are leading the way in delivering the carbon reduction targets set by the European Union. We look forward to working with the port and to assist in its operation with our fleet of hydrogen and battery electric vehicles.

Tom Hautekeet, COO of Port of Antwerp-Bruges, commented:

As the largest automotive hub in Europe, the port of Antwerp-Bruise is excited to welcome the GCN. This collaboration will elevate the autonomous role of the Antwerp-Bruze port and help us realize our ‘Clean Port Strategy’ ambition.

Gigabit about carbon neutrality (www.gigacarbonneutrality.com)

Gigabit Carbon Neutral is a clean energy mobility and technology company that makes it easy for industrial and commercial transportation companies to operate a fleet of reliable, non-polluting vehicles. GCN’s portfolio includes support for battery-electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles and marine vessels and clean energy storage, charging and refueling infrastructure.

Gigabit Carbon Neutrality, Inc., Is a limited liability company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada, whose registered address is 2270-8788 McKim Way, Richmond, BC. V6X 4E2, Canada.

About the Port Authority of Antwerp-Bruges, Belgium

The Joint Ports Authority, as a European green energy hub, will continue to expand projects such as CO2 recovery, storage and recycling to enhance the reliability and sustainability of the global logistics supply chain. The chemical company cluster of the Antwerp platform and the coastal location of the Bruges platform will be used for the development of the hydrogen power industry. The Port Authority of Antwerp-Bruges will play a key role in achieving Europe’s carbon reduction targets.

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