Gold slips as the dollar check slides, the position of the Fed’s main policy tightened

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Gold prices fell on Wednesday

The dollar is recovering slightly, putting pressure on the greenback

Bullion with strong treasury yield and an aggressive

The position of inflation by the head of the US Federal Reserve.

Spot gold fell 0.4% to 80 1,808.08 per ounce

0329 GMT US gold futures fell 0.6% to $ 1,807.10.

Gold has been coming together since last weekend

Overall, down to about $ 1,750, Elijah said

Spivak, a currency strategist at DailyFX. “The question is when

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Can we find new ways to get there? “

Dollar rises after three-session slide,

Increased demand for gold for other holding investors


‚ÄúVery focused on Gold’s rate and financial outlook

Policy, especially in the United States, “Spivak said

The dollar did not rally.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell promised Tuesday that the United States

The central bank will raise interest rates as much as necessary

Inflation killed a surge that he said threatened the foundation

Of economics

The benchmark US 10-year Treasury yield is stable after a

The sharp increase in the previous session, hit the demand for

Zero-yield gold.

The Fed has raised its benchmark policy rate

Three-quarters percentage points this year, and there are tracks

To increase it again in half-percent-point increments

The next two meetings are in June and July.

Although seen as an inflation hedge, bullion is sensitive

Rising U.S. short-term interest rates and bond yields, which

It increases the cost of keeping opportunities.

Spot Silver down 0.7% to .4 21.46 an ounce, platinum

0.6% down to $ 945.37, and palladium down 1%

$ 2,031.54.

(Report by Bharat Govinda Gautam in Bangalore; edited by

Shuvrangshu Sahu)

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