How To Choose A B2B Data Provider – 3 Key Things You Should Know

Potential information is vital for B2B sales and marketing activities; The more current and accurate it is, the more likely you are to succeed.

UK B2B data providers help companies provide quality, analytical and measurable information about potential customers in a marketing list that can be used to generate search and leads.

Business data providers can only meet the needs of clients if they understand the specific requirements of their B2B marketing goals and objectives.

There are many B2B data providers on the market right now, each claiming to be the best or the biggest Where do you start to find the best supplier for you?

More Than Words Marketing is a data broker and direct marketing company that provides business services across the UK.

Our experience suggests that data providers should include the following in a really thorough search:

1. Conduct your research

Confirm your research before talking to a sales representative, so that you can enter into a sales conversation equipped with useful questions.

Research is also essential to eliminate any B2B data provider that is not suitable, saves time and effort.

Here are the things to consider when evaluating a potential B2B data provider:

  1. It thoroughly understands and follows certain data protection and privacy regulations (such as GDPR),
  2. It does not use reputable and questionable data sources and adheres to responsible and legal data collection procedures,
  3. Whether your company’s target market, industry and audience are well represented in their data offer,
  4. What features and integrations are included in the various plans, as well as what data fields are available, and.
  5. Why invest in your B2B data list based on what you already have.

When dealing with any data provider, always look for transparency – it also pays to find out if there are any hidden terms in their agreement.

2. Verify the accuracy of the data

The accuracy of any B2B marketing database you purchase should be your primary concern.

If your company’s sales team is given bad communication data, they may waste valuable time communicating with prospects who have changed jobs, or left the company altogether.

Alternatively, you may lose business to your competitors.

However, the new data helps you increase the speed of your pipeline, narrow your potential customers and create improved lead generation.

Providers should be able to tell you where they get their data from, and any leading B2B data provider should be confident when talking about data sources.

Make sure you know how often your provider updates its B2B database.

Workplace change is inevitable – your team’s goal should not be to send email marketing to former business employees, or to use the wrong name to greet someone who has recently inherited a role-specific email address.

3. Ask about packages and add-ons

If you are looking for a B2B data provider, you probably want a solution instead of a specific product.

As you consider your own needs, we recommend researching what specific features and product add-ons each provider offers.

Be sure to find out if your B2B data provider offers additional services such as data enrichment, marketing and outreach campaigns, list splitting, etc.

It’s important to weigh what you get for the price, as well as compare which features are most important to your business.

For example, a provider may offer a solution that meets your data needs, but does not have telemarketing services, or you may find that a provider has valuable additional services that you have not yet considered.

A good B2B data provider should be able to handle the needs of your B2B prospecting and lead generation campaigns so that one of your companies manages all aspects instead of working and coordinates multiple companies that provide only one of the services you need.

Here’s how you can order marketing data

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