How to identify the best prospects for your technographic business

The best way to know everything about your customers is to have uninterrupted access to top-notch, most accurate, real-time data. This is the key to successfully scaling your business.

Accurate data can tell you everything about your prospects, who they are, where they work and what they expect from the brands in your niche.

If your target customers are B2B businesses, the data can help determine how they conduct their operations and run their companies. The more accurate information you gather, the more you understand what your ideal customer is creating.

Allows technographic data companies to more effectively engage their audiences and create target lists for better and more targeted marketing campaigns.

Let’s discuss the importance of getting the right data for your business and explore a number of technical data points that can help you identify the best prospects.

B2B data type

Getting accurate data helps a business identify the best target audience. There are many types of B2B data but the two most important are communication and pharmacographic data.

The former provides information about potential target people, such as their contact details, emails, location, job location, titles, and so on. Each of these details is valuable information that can help you create better, more targeted marketing campaigns.

The latter provides insights into a company’s industry, market position, physical location, number of employees, annual revenue, and so on.

When running a technographic business, you’ll want to know what kind of technology your target audience uses. This type of information is technographic data, and it refers to software solutions your potential users use.

Once you’ve acquired this type of data, you can tailor your marketing and business strategies to the technology that your prospects use and promote your services and products that complement their technology.

In other words, you can use the power of technical data to better understand your ideal target audience and increase your conversions, lead generation, and potential engagement.

How to use technographic data

Technographic businesses can benefit by collecting technographic data in a variety of ways. The most important thing is to provide personalized marketing campaigns to the right audience. There are several ways to do this.

Create an ideal potential profile.

An ideal prospects profile should contain the most relevant details about a customer. This is a description that tells you how to communicate to your target audience in a way that will provide value to the actual customer.

This type of profile should contain all you need to know about a customer:

  • Their needs and wants;
  • Pain points;
  • Values ​​and goals;
  • Pharmacographic and communication

To create an ideal potential profile, you need to determine what kind of technology they’re using, the budget they’re spending on technology, their current investment, and the software tools they’ve purchased in the past.

The main goal is to discover the target audience who can directly benefit by integrating their existing technology stack with your services and products.

Once you have all the information about the most relevant prospects with your profile, you can focus on the customers with the highest potential for revenue.

Focus on potential priorities.

Creating a list of ideal possibilities takes you one step closer to achieving your goals. The next step should be a possible priority. This refers to the ranking of your potential customers which product type is most suitable for them.

The goal is to increase the number of possibilities with technology stacks that match your products so that they can be eliminated with inconsistent technology. Rank the best candidates to create a priority list for your marketing and sales team.

Your potential segment.

The first two steps you need to take are to eliminate the odds and leave you with a list of targets in your marketing campaign.

You can start by using specific software tools and apps and sharing your audience to filter the possibilities for online activities such as sales contacts and website visits.

Splitting allows you to create more targeted marketing and sales campaigns for the most relevant customers with similar technologies. Use their contact data to refine your contacts and make sure you reach them directly

For example, you might have a prospect who uses the same technology tools that can easily integrate with your solution. You can create a marketing campaign around the specific benefits of combining the two solutions.

Predict future needs.

There is nothing comparable to the knowledge you gain by gathering technical data about the exact technologies that potential people want to buy. It is better if you can deliver the specific type of product they are looking for at the right time.

However, for this you need to constantly monitor how your target audience buys technology to predict future needs.

In addition to delivering the right product at the right time, this means that you will be able to guess which particular solution you would be interested in buying next.


Technographic businesses benefit the most by collecting technographic data. This helps them filter out specific customer segments to target their best potential and tie them to the niche of specific products.

The knowledge that such information provides allows such companies to direct their marketing and advertising campaigns to the highest paying customers.

The best way to target ideal possibilities is to combine technical, communication, and pharmacographic data. It enables in-depth analysis and research of your target audience and their specific needs.

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