Interview with Adina Brunetti

Adina Brunetti is a renowned expert in branding and marketing who has developed various small to medium sized enterprises in an incredibly effective way to grow business at low cost.

Here Adina Brunetti provides her expertise on how businesses can easily improve their marketing.

In your opinion, what are the best things a business can do to play their marketing game?

  • Get to know your audience as well as the type of media they use. Once you’ve done that, the next thing is to come up with a professional and interactive website, execute an effective content marketing plan that includes consistent social media posts, email marketing and blogging – and most importantly, all of these must be provided. . Valuable, useful and relevant content for them.

Where to start as a business when defining a brand? What issues are considered? What kind of conversation is there?

  • The first step is to analyze the position of your brand. What kind of products and services does the business offer and what are the limits of the needs, wants and budgets of your potential customers. The point at which these two things intersect is what I call “sweet spot” for your offers. Moreover, your brand needs to look unique compared to your competitors. What does your business offer that no other company in the market offers? Last but not least, your business must be true to its brand. This means focusing on customers and offers that are consistent with its position (and strong enough to reject all transactions that are not within your domain).

In your opinion, what are the most effective practices for determining the position of a brand?

  • In fact, it is analyzing your business offerings and the relevant audience for those offers. One of the first steps for a new enterprise (or one that is preparing to make a new offer) is to do a good market research – is there any opportunity for this new service or product? Is there a market for the products and services your business offers?

Once the brand is defined, what approach should a business brand take to writing the story?

  • The two primary objectives are to define the unique elements of the brand – and how the brand helps the consumer. Most companies prioritize features. However, customers always attach special importance to the price they offer. Answer the customer’s question: “How will this benefit me?” Once the business is clear about the core concept of its brand, the next step is to inform the audience about how its services and products have improved the lives of its consumers. The best way to tell your brand story is through positive reviews, testimonials and interviews.

What are the most common mistakes or misconceptions businesses often make when creating their brand story?

  • They are mostly involved in talking about their business activities and how they do it. Realistically, consumers are only interested in knowing what business can do for them.

Do you tend to give repeated advice about branding?

  • Businesses must understand how important it is to talk about the benefits that their brand can offer and why their business is unique and good compared to their competitors.

Currently, what is your preferred marketing tool?

  • In my opinion, interviewing clients of some of your clients can be extremely useful. From their interviews you can gain a deeper understanding of the market capabilities, weaknesses as well as business perceptions in the market that can certainly be useful for you in developing brand messaging (and overcoming weak links in the current way of managing the company). Let’s talk from the point of view of implementation. I always want my clients to improve their visibility and status as professionals in their niche by creating, developing and publishing custom content. For industry recognition and SEO, it is essential to create blog posts and recreate those posts through guest blogging, email marketing, and posting on various content and social media platforms. An email campaign, adopted by a properly maintained mailing list, gives business priority to customers.

Which business, in your opinion, has done significantly better in terms of defining their brand and location and sharing their stories? What is there to learn from them?

Undoubtedly, Apple and Nike are at the top of the list – they’ve created top products and told their stories about an exciting turn of events – “Want to have a great life? Buy our products / services. “I found a way to make Coke’s packaging really appealing with people’s names and lyrics. It makes the shopping experience more personalized. Southwest Airlines has improved their customer experience. All of these brands are developing highly effective strategies.

What are the most exciting art innovations or trends you are following?

  • The big change I’ve seen is towards consumer-centric marketing (useful, relevant, valuable, “secret sauce” information) from advertising that is company-centric (aka “a pitch”). In my opinion, small businesses are learning to improve their marketing activities so that it can only be done once by large companies. Thanks to online marketing, all companies now have access to the Internet, as well as an affordable but effective way to “spread the word”. That being said, the amount you spend can be out of balance with the amount of time involved – which is important for companies to realize. Above all, it has a consistent approach to publishing and promoting content and engaging audiences with helpful content, shown in a creative and innovative way that entertains and educates.

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