Is it really worth the money?

GetAFollower’s good-evil


  • Authentic social signals from real people
  • Excellent customer support money back guarantee on every purchase
  • High-quality product for dozens of social networks
  • Sensitive delivery time and price


  • No free trial available
  • Limited customer support hours

GetAFollower: At a glance

Founded in 2011, GetAFollower is a well-known social media growth company with a huge global following. GetAFollower claims to offer the most authentic social signals on the web, backed by decades of joint industry experience and a full return guarantee. In my GetAFollower review, I discovered that these guys are really good enough to claim them.

Specifically, I wanted to know if GetAFollower (as opposed to most social media growth companies) actually sells real social signals from real people.

What are the services offered by GetAFollower?

The sheer range of services available on GetAFollower is remarkable. I personally have never seen such a long list of products and services that cover every major social network you can think of (and a few more special platforms as well).

No matter what social media account you want to promote, GetAFollower offers lots of options. Some examples of which include the following:

1) TikTok

There is no shortage of promotional products and services for TikTok, listed in the form of genuine TikTok followers, likes, shares, views, comments and more.

2) Instagram

The Instagram growth services I’ve seen on GetAFollower during my review include Follower, Share, Like, Profile Visit, View, Comment, Comment Reply, Story Poll Vote, Post Reach, Mention, Impression, Direct Message and more – all Asked to be 100% authentic.

3) Twitch

There is a more compact collection of products for Twitch users – Twitch Follower and Twitch View. All of which can be provided from a variety of targeted markets worldwide, if preferred.

4) Facebook

Facebook promotion seems to be a feature of GetAFollower and where you will find the largest range of products and services available – authentic likes, followers, views, reviews, group members, feedback, event attendees, comment replies, comments, shares, poll votes and more.

5) Other services

Beyond these major social networks, there is a long list of specialized products and services, such as iOS app reviews, Shopie Live views, Dribble followers, iOS app installs, reverbation views and much more.

You can request custom packages and Bespoke services from GetAFollower if all you need is not listed on their website.

GetAFollower’s good and bad

2.1 Good

After taking a good look at their website (and their published terms), I can safely say the following are the biggest plus points of GetAFollower:

Engagement from real people: They guarantee that the products they offer come from real people with active accounts. If so, they are among the smallest minority of social media growth companies that actually provide real social evidence from real people.

Targeted Services: Many (if not most) of the products I have tested have come up with the option of emanating from various target markets worldwide. There are examples from the United States, the United Kingdom, Arab countries, Europe, Australia, and more – great for publishers focusing on specific populations.

Drip feed delivery: GetAFollower’s terms state that all social signals are delivered slowly over a reasonable period of time. This is good to see, since bulk / instant delivery platforms carry the risk of raising red flags with spam filters.

High retention rate: Thanks to GetAFollower’s 60-day retention warranty, a good retention rate is guaranteed with every purchase. I have seen similar retention guarantees elsewhere, but I still haven’t seen one that exceeds 60 days – all good things.

Refund Guarantee: Similarly, they keep their money where their mouth is with a full refund guarantee. T&C tells them that if they do not pay, they will give you a full refund of the price you paid.

Privacy: At what time during the purchase process do you need to provide GetAFollower your password or any sensitive personal information? Transactions are end-to-end encrypted and the GetAFollower website itself seems secure enough to me.

Multiple payment methods: Finally, you can pay for GetAFollower products using most popular payment methods, including credit and debit cards, lots of online wallets (including PayPal) and even cryptocurrencies.

2.2 Bad

On the downside, there are two things that can be improved – none of which are contract-breaking:

Limited customer support hours: Customer support times on GetAFollower are limited to 9 AM – 6 PM on weekdays and 9 AM – 1 PM on Saturdays. Not the end of the world, but 24/7 support is always a bonus.

No free trial available: GetAFollower does not currently offer free trial of any of its products or services. That said, their prices start at $ 2.00, so it’s rare to see how they get things done.

How to buy services from GetAFollower?

A complete walk in the park with GetAFollower ordered:

1) To use the dropdown menu next to the screen, select the social network you want to buy the product from.

2) Choose the service you want to buy and indicate how many you want to order

3) Provide GetAFollower with the preferred location of your choice, including the URL of your profile, page or post (optional).

4) Complete the payment process and wait for GetAFollower to start delivering your social signals. GetAFollower guarantees to start the delivery process within 72 hours, slowly rolling out the remaining orders to maintain prudence.

How much does GetAFollower cost?

Most of what is quoted on the GetAFollower site (in terms of price) seems to be almost too good to be true.

There are products that fit most budgets, but I was most impressed when I reviewed the following low cost options:

1) Instagram

  • 1,000 Instagram followers for 20
  • 1,000 Instagram saves for 12
  • 2,500 Instagram references for 33
  • 5,000 Instagram likes for 95

2) TikTok

  • 100 TickTalk followers for 5
  • 50 tick tock comments for 7
  • 250 TickLike Likes at $ 11
  • 5,000 TickTock Views at 12

3) YouTube

  • 50 YouTube subscribers for 10
  • 1,000 YouTube views at $ 16
  • 250 YouTube Likes $ 40
  • 10 YouTube Comments for 00 5.00

4) Spotify

  • 1,000 Spotify followers for 17
  • 1,000 Spotify monthly listeners for 4.00
  • 10,000 Spotify tracks go for 41 41

5) Club House

  • 100 clubhouse followers for 16
  • ক্লা 55 for 500 Clubhouse Room visitors

I’ve even seen a few services get listed for as little as 2.00, which is as much as I saw social signals being sold online.

GetAFollower Customer Support

The GetAFollower customer support team may be available for a limited time, but the quality of service they provide is outstanding. I used the live chat feature to reach them with a bunch of questions, all of which were answered in seconds by polite and knowledgeable professionals. Personally, I have nothing negative to say about customer support – it’s a shame not to be available 24/7.

Is GetAFollower safe?

GetAFollower’s privacy policy and published terms make clear its views on security and safety. The site itself is secure to use, and all transactions are encrypted end-to-end for complete security and privacy.

Digging deeper, I found no reports from GetAFollower’s past or present customers indicating any potential security issues elsewhere.

GetAFollower options and competitors

The nearest alternatives to GetAFollower are Media Mister and Buy Real Media, which also have huge catalogs of similarly listed products at comparative prices. Both offer similar retention warranties and refund guarantees for GetAFollower, but with slight variations in product availability and targeted / local markets.

I would personally choose GetAFollower between the two, but they are still worth checking out and seem to be doing a decent enough job.

GetAFollower Review: Final Judgment

I’ve been in this game for a long time to find out that shopping for social signals raises countless questions and concerns. All are primarily centered around authenticity, which is not usually on the card.

With GetAFollower, quality and authenticity are guaranteed – literally. They cover all their products and services with a money back guarantee that speaks volumes to the way they work.

Given the diversity of their product catalogs, the cost-effectiveness of their services and the quality of their customer support, I doubt you will find a good provider right now.

Combined with the promise of authentic social signals from real people with active accounts, it’s a no-brainer – especially starting at just $ 2.00.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is GetAFollower valid?

Yes – all signs indicate a 100% valid service provider with GetAFollower, where each sale is covered by a full refund guarantee.

2) Is it safe to buy social media engagement?

Yes – buying social signals is safe, provided that every product purchased is 100% authentic. If the social media engagements you buy are identical to the real thing, they are just as safe and effective as their biological counterparts.

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