Is video production the future of marketing?

Over the years, the classic method of marketing has included static graphics with some interesting text. Think big billboards, spread out double pages of newspapers.

Over the past decade, cultural and technological changes have changed the way we receive information. Most of us now spend a significant portion of our day on digital platforms that focus on video footage, especially on social media.

The marketing industry has begun to catch on to these trends, adopting new approaches that have revolutionized the way the advertising industry operates. In this article, we take a closer look at why the future of marketing lies in working with a video production company, looking at its many benefits.

It is mobile-friendly

An increasing number of people primarily use their phones to navigate the Internet. Video is one of the most mobile-friendly forms of media, where about 90% of the public regularly watches videos on their mobile devices. The dominance of smartphones has also changed the way people communicate with their surroundings. When people travel for work, they no longer look at the traditional forms of billboards and marketing, they often do not look at their phones, scroll through social media, see, you guessed it – videos.

Positive effect on conversion rate

Videos are attractive and have a positive effect on conversion rate and sales Videos are especially effective with physical products. A brand’s landing page can have a huge impact on a product’s video sales, with electronics niche CVR increasing by 101% and home and garden by 43%. Explanatory videos also have a huge positive effect on conversion rates, helping consumers both understand and gain confidence in the product they want to buy.

Videos are SEO friendly

Many people think that it is possible to achieve SEO by using as many keywords as possible. Although it was before, Google’s algorithms are now much more sophisticated, and one of the many reasons Google now rewards is the inclusion of video content. A survey by Movli found that including a video on your site increased your chances of getting ranked first in Google by 53 times compared to sites without a video.

Passive engagement

While many people still have to engage with text-based information in their careers, the ability to passively access information through videos allows people to take some time off when they are not at work. Videos are easy to watch, often fun and engaging Often people are happy to read an article, but when they are not, it is important to have a media on your site that can be used in a more passive way. Failure to use both can, at worst, actively isolate certain populations, when in the best sense you are not engaging with your target audience to the best of your ability.

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