Kasturi lost 12 12 billion in one day when he tweeted in politics, condemning the ESG

Elon Musk took to Twitter Inc. on Wednesday, announcing his political shift from Democrat to Republican, trashing the ESG and replying to several users of the social-media website that he had agreed to buy.

Tesla Inc., meanwhile, sank to its lowest level this year, removing $ 12.3 billion from its assets, while Twitter increased its slides. Everyone has said that since launching its bid for Twitter last month, Musk has lost $ 49 billion, partially dragging out the broader market, and some Tesla investors are worried about how it will finance its offer for the social-media giant.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, 50-year-old Mask is the richest man in the world with a fortune of 9 209.9 billion. He has shaved 60.4 billion from his assets this year, down from Binance’s Champeng Zhao, who lost $ 81 billion, and Jeff Bezos $ 62 billion.

Musk has become increasingly vocal since launching his $ 44 billion offer for Twitter. Wednesday was no exception.

He tweeted that ESG was “a scandal” when Tesla lost its place in an S&P global index that allows companies to monitor their environmental, social and administrative standards. He further predicted that “political attacks” on him would “increase dramatically in the coming months.”

In a separate tweet, Musk said he had supported Democrats in the past because “they were (mostly) a party of mercy”, but had now changed his mind.

“They have become a party of division and hatred, so I can no longer support them and vote for the Republicans,” he said.

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