Kineso has appointed four new regional CEOs

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New CEO position to provide globally integrated Kineso and Matterkind client solutions

NEW YORK – Kineso, the IPG’s joint intelligence agency, announced today the appointment of four new regional CEOs. Former executives at Matterkind’s leadership role are being promoted to Kineso Regional CEO and will retain their Matterkind leadership responsibilities: Matt Wire at APAC, Andy Butters at EMEA, George Chavez at LATAM and Shawn Muzi at North America. Companies that work closely together as part of the data, technology, and media activation backbone for IPG will be responsible for ensuring clients have a single, simplified engagement experience with Kineso and Matterkind.

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The regional CEO role was created to drive support for Kineso’s largest IPG partner, mediabrand, and to capitalize on growth opportunities as Kineso continues to grow its business both inside and outside the IPG network. Already recruiting leaders from the region, Kineso is building on Matterkind’s existing international leadership team strengths, all of whom are well positioned to lead the design and delivery of integrated solutions across Kineso and Matterkind’s range of offerings.

“The placement of regional CEOs supports the kind of horizontal integration that will give rise to additional innovation at Kineso,” said Arun Kumar, IPG’s Chief Data and Technology Officer and Kineso Global CEO. “Innovation happens everywhere. Matt, Andy, George and Shawn will give us a unified, global focus on the challenges we need to address for our clients – with better connectivity between their Martech and Adtech – and of course Kineso and our clients for further growth. Will be the catalyst. ”

“I couldn’t be more excited about Matt, Andy, George and Shawn,” said Erica Schmidt, Global CEO of Matterkind. “They already have a track record of leading Matrickind’s business success in the region and I know they will continue to excel in their new role.”

Regional CEOs will serve as the single point of contact for Kineso and Matterkind services and solutions. Clients will benefit from the development of end-to-end solution sets and additional innovations Kineso and Matterkind as they work cross-functionally and globally.

The bios of Kineso’s new regional CEO can be found here.

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Kineso is an integrated intelligence agency that creates applications and software solutions, working with agencies and partners to provide a consistent and relevant customer experience for people across all channels. Kineso’s technology solutions and services broaden audiences, plans and activations, providing insights that drive growth for leading global brands. Kineso is part of The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (IPG). For more information, visit

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