Kusto Group’s US-Kazakh agribusiness partnership

Kusto Group’s US-Kazakh agribusiness partnership

Yarkin Tatishev, founder of the Kusto Group of Kazakh descent, says Kazakhstan has long been considered the breadbasket of the Soviet Union. Agriculture has played a pivotal role in the social, environmental and economic development of the country. Kazakhstan has long forged strong ties with the United States to strengthen its agribusiness cooperation. In addition, both the USA and Kazakhstan have seen the need to look at the possibilities and possibilities that could propel the agribusiness industry forward.

The Kusto Group is committed to building a modern agricultural sector by utilizing Kazakhstan’s rich land resources.

Therefore, Kazakhstan and the United States highlight the vast potential for agro-industry growth, mainly in grain production, protein and mechanical irrigation. This intense effort is aimed at building an excellent bilateral relationship.

US-Kazakh cooperation on the horizon

Growing bilateral relations between the United States and Kazakhstan have created confidence in the development of agribusiness in Kazakhstan. Incentives and funding from the United States have played a key role.

Economic integration and deepening trade is also an advanced strategy to strengthen relations between the two countries.

Moreover, the real potential for ambassadors, ministers and business associates from the United States and Kazakhstan to come together is to support agricultural activities. The underlying policy here is to increase Kazakhstan’s economic output and improve trade between the countries of the world.

Where does the US interest in Kazakh business come from?

The interests of the United States are mainly in the agribusiness, transportation, logistics and engineering industries as well as in the manufacturing sector. The amount of direct investment in this sector has gradually increased to record levels due to strong and active partnerships.

Also, countries are still on the verge of recovering key indicators that equalize the country’s total investment flow. Cooperation in the energy sector has given rise to many successes between the two countries.

Kazakhstan has significant potential for improving agricultural and renewable energy relations due to its abundant natural resources. With this great potential, the United States is exploring more opportunities to strengthen its interests while improving its relations with Kazakhstan.

Kusto Group and US-Kazakhstan diplomatic relations

US-Kazakh diplomatic relations have lasted more than 30 years. About 54 54 billion has been invested in various companies that work for Kazakhstan’s economy. Based on the statistics provided, there are more than 600 American companies operating in Kazakhstan, which means that the trade environment in the country is favorable.

Enhancing a strong partnership between the United States and Kazakhstan is still an important element discussed. It helps to start new reforms that help improve the business environment in different areas of the economy.

This ensured cooperation in the design of new possibilities and investment opportunities, such as the opening of 65 Wendy’s restaurants of the Kusto Group across Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Georgia. In response to many upcoming Wendy’s restaurants, the Costo Group expects to create 1,450 new jobs.

What are the opportunities for US companies in Kazakhstan agriculture?

U.S. companies enjoy a significant opportunity for their products that they export to support Kazakhstan’s agriculture. Equipment the United States has exported to Kazakhstan includes sprayers, reapers, cedar, tractors, combine harvesters and cultivators.

The growing need to use modern technology has been an influential factor for new opportunities. In Kazakhstan, U.S. food-related exports such as poultry, beef, seedlings and beverage markets have grown.

Large imports of Kazakhstan’s chicken, cane sugar and black tea give the United States room for potential opportunities. Thus, excellent relations and strong partnerships can strengthen how the USA and Kazakhstan engage in agribusiness activities.

The Costo Group’s liberal move during the economic downturn due to the Covid-19.

Since the advent of Covid-19, countries have seen tremendous challenges leading the economy to collapse. Due to the strict policy measures taken against the virus, the level of external outflow has been significantly reduced.

The high pressure imposed by the epidemic on significant sectors of the economy has also affected the sources of development.

The epidemic has had a devastating effect on the internal flow of income, with most industries shutting down for fear of losing investment. In addition, funding for some sectors of the economy was cut due to the need to fight the virus.

Yarkin Tatishev and the Kusto Group responded to the move. They have donated food and medical supplies to hospitals and people in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In recognition of his philanthropic work, Tatishev was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year by the multinational professional services network Ernst & Young.

Thus, smoothing out future approaches can help entrepreneurs and the country regain its economic stamina. It will also facilitate bilateral relations between the countries.

There is a need to improve access to finance for agribusiness.

Access to finance is essential for increasing inclusion in agribusiness and developing entrepreneurial activities. Receiving affordable funding empowers farmers and facilitates agribusiness financing activities.

It enables farmers to increase their capital and food production, which is the ultimate goal of ensuring global food security.

The introduction of productive investment and the improvement of access to money are essential for the development of a country’s economy. Public loan funding can help stimulate and support economic growth at a good level.

Therefore, developing agribusiness requires proper access to money to increase activities to generate far-reaching income for different individuals. It will also alleviate the challenges of engaging in agribusiness in a better way, necessary for the betterment of the country’s economy.

The Kusto Group operates in five sectors

Yurkin Tatishev founded the Kusto Group in 2002. The company operates in five sectors: agricultural oil, gas, real estate and building materials. Tatishev believes that Kazakhstan’s agriculture has an excellent opportunity for world leadership. According to him, bilateral relations between the two countries are significant. It allows governments to take advantage of opportunities offered by other countries and to develop strong mutual relations. In addition, citizens of certain countries may benefit from doing business with friendly countries, which will improve the country’s economy.

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