Motivus joins the Alida partner network to provide a tailored customer experience

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Motivas and Alida together will help companies build rich customer insights to build strong and sustainable CX initiatives.

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SINGAPORE – Alida, a leader in Total Experience Management (TXM), today announced that Motivus, an experience-based sales and customer service and customer experience consulting firm, has joined its partner network in Singapore to provide enhanced customer experience and consulting services to the world and locals. Companies.

Motivus provides useful support to organizations to define and design successful customer experience (CX) initiatives to stay competitive in today’s business environment. In addition to expert guidance, Motivus provides personalized and effective CX implementation training that ensures sustainable change and lasting customer satisfaction. The introduction of the Alida TXM platform, along with Motivus’ offers during specific customer touch points, enables clients to gather rich and timely insights to measure their customer experience and ultimately improve.

“We are thrilled to have our partnership with Motivas. Their team of experienced mentors is great for providing clients with the support they need to create and maintain rich CX programs, ”said Steven Medieros, SVP and General Manager, APAC, Alida. “Combining Alida’s industry-leading TXM technology with personal Motivas Guidance, organizations will have all the tools to create an effective customer experience.”

The Alida Partner Network enables growth of companies of all sizes by providing customers with the software, capabilities and expert support they need to make it a reality. As a global authority engaged in ongoing customer feedback and building online communities, the partners lend themselves to Alidar Software to help provide strong insights and a competitive advantage for their clients.

“Motivas has earned an impressive reputation for creating successful and long-lasting CX ventures,” said Gary Smith, SVP Channel and Partner Alliance, Alida. “These would be a great addition to the Alida Partner Network and we look forward to helping companies harness the power of CX to stay competitive in their industry.”

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About Motivas

Motivas Consulting is a multi-award winning company headquartered in Singapore, providing worldwide services. After practical education, performance, leadership and training experience in world renowned brands like, Millennium Hotels & Resorts, ITC Limited, MGD Lifestyle, Regas, BNI, we provide advice, training and training to our customers through effective customer experience practice. , Etc.

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About Alida

Alida believes in a world where consumers are respected as the ultimate source of truth Because knowing the whole truth about your customers — even parts that are hard to hear can help companies make better decisions that drive long-term customer loyalty and growth. With Alida Total Experience Management (TXM) platform, Like a leading brand HBomax, Adobe, Red bull, And J. Crew Turn their customer truth into action to get exceptional customer, employee, product and brand experience.

Founded more than 20 years ago, Alida helps the world’s largest brands improve their overall experience with 500+ experts in 11 countries.

Join us on our mission to re-imagine the experience at and @ alidaTXM.

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