MPs get 13 13 million from ‘second job’ May and Javid lead the pack

The Conservative government abandoned plans in March to limit MPs’ earnings from any paid work outside of their parliamentary role.

Recent controversies such as the On Patterson lobbying scandal have brought the MP’s second job into disrepute.

Analysis of recent data from the UK Parliament to establish which MPs are most interested in external earnings from their parliamentary role / employment opportunities earned outside of salary between 2019 – 2022.

As it turns out, Geoffrey Cox is the highest-earning MP from the ‘second job’.

An analysis by found that Cox is the MP who has made the most money outside of his parliamentary role by serving the Tories and West Devon constituencies.

A qualified barrister, Geoffrey Cox has amassed an astonishing £ 1,835,399.89 from an overseas job. One of his most notable roles was providing legal services to Withers LLP, which paid him £ 703,311.05 for 633 hours of work between January 25 and December 31, 2021.

Theresa May

In second place is former Prime Minister Theresa May, who has enjoyed a whopping 1,564,076.00 from working outside her parliamentary role to serve the Maidenhead constituency.

Pretty dancer, it also seems that she is quite popular, all her external income comes from ‘speaking engagement’.

Her talk shows include £ 46,750 for a six-hour virtual talk from the Telmex Foundation and £ 38,220 for a four-hour virtual talk from the Pension Real Estate Association.

Sajid Javid

In third place is Sajid Javid, the current secretary for health and social care in the state. Bromsgrove, a former managing director of Deutsche Bank, has benefited from a জ 758,670.00 financial injection from his work outside of the constituency. Banks was certainly keen to hone his skills, HSBC paid him a total of £ 30,000 for a pair of four-hour lectures.

Labor MP Dan Jarvis (693,775.00) and Conservative MP Fiona Bruce (£ 575,686.01) earned more than ,000 500,000 from employment outside their parliamentary positions, ranking fourth and fifth, respectively.

Boris Johnson: Incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson has £ 30,629.91 in his pocket for work done outside of his parliamentary role. All her earnings from foreign employment came from royalties paid for her written / published books.

Care Starmer: Current Leader of the Opposition (Labor) Care Starmer earned £ 41,127.46 from a full-time job outside of his parliamentary responsibilities.

Most of the £ 41K has been through legal advice. In 2020, he raised, 23,393.08 for 89 hours of legal advice.

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