Now the largest wheat crop in the European Union is at risk from record heat

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(Bloomberg) – France’s wheat crop is deteriorating as record heat across the European Union’s top producers exacerbates the problem of global grain supply.

According to the latest data from FranceAgriMer, the rate has dropped to 73% in good or very good condition of the country’s soft-wheat crop as of May 16, with ratings below this time last year. A dry, hot line across France is removing soil moisture during a crucial period for crop development, with weekend temperatures expected to rise above 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) in many cities, forecaster Matteo France said in a note.

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Summer spells mean the nation could record its warmest month in May beyond 2011, forecasters say. It threatens to cut wheat yields in the country, adding to the weather problems of other producers such as the United States and Canada at a time when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is already hampering global grain supplies.

The International Crop Council on Thursday lowered its target for world wheat production to 69 million tonnes, the lowest in three years. At the Greencom conference in Geneva, Kyle Tapley, a meteorologist at Maxar, said that in terms of weather, France is the place of greatest concern for winter crops like wheat in Europe.

Here is a breakdown of the French crop in good or very good condition:

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