OFL appreciates NDP’s commitment to decent work and access to unionization

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Toronto, May 19, 2022 (GlobeNewswire) – The Ontario Federation of Labor Ontario applauds the NDP’s announcement that, if elected, they will introduce card check certification and make it easier to join a union. Andrea Harvath made the announcement today at a hybrid press conference in Salt State, joined by Marty Warren and Miles Sullivan of United Steelworkers. Marie.

“As an official opponent, Andrea Harwath and the Ontario NDP have demonstrated their commitment to the union and the working people in Ontario,” said Patti Coates, president of the Ontario Federation of Labor. “Today’s announcement shows that they are ready to take practical action if elected on June 2.”

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The Ontario Federation of Labor, Ontario’s umbrella organization for working people and their unions, has supported the Ontario NDP and is supporting NDP candidates throughout the ride, including Michelle McClave-Kennedy, who runs the Salt Stay. Marie.

“Michelle is a champion of workers’ rights. He has supported the workers as his OSTF local leader, as president of Salt Stay. Mary and as a member of the District Labor Council and the Ontario Federation of Labor Board, ”Coates said. “Michelle understands the most important things to working people and she is ready to fight for them.”

As Ontarians face skyrocketing living costs, the Ontario Federation of Labor says now is an important time to choose a government that puts the needs of working people and their families first.

“Right now, people need work that pays the bills,” Coates said. “An NDP government that facilitates easy access to a union and introduces first-party mediation means better access to decent work in the province.”

The Ontario Federation of Labor represents 54 unions and one million workers in Ontario. For information, see www.OFL.ca And follow OFLAbour On Facebook And Twitter.

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