Sanjay Wadhwani, founder and CEO of Metaframes

It was only a matter of time before blockchain technology saw IP protection for creatives. That time is now.

Metaframe A next generation media company serving the arts and creatives through blockchain.

MetaFrames is creating a secure community for the creative industry in the blockchain. It is a platform that equips creatives with the tools and IP (intellectual property) solutions they need to access Metavers and curates their collections.

Metaframes will become a marketplace for creatives to promote their authentic, high-quality artwork and collectible designs. Users will be able to transact in both cryptocurrency and traditional FIAT currencies through the website and virtual environment. Sanjay has spoken to Business Matters.

What kind of business do you work with?

MetaFrames will work with rights holders across the entertainment and consumer lifestyle industries. It will include, but is not limited to: film, television, video games, publishing, art, music, sports and iconic icons. Paul Trevillian, a world-renowned sports artist, recently hired Metaframe as his official NFT (non-fungible token) partner.

Does your company solve the problem?

Metaframe solves two problems:

  1. Generate attention for manufacturers. MetaFrames will equip users with state-of-the-art tools and IP that will enable platform builders to improve their craft, eliminating any biases traditionally encountered in the Web2 era.
  2. The legitimacy of the fan industry. Manufacturers often use the well-known IP to create new, unique works of art. However, so far they have not been able to monetize these creations due to copyright law and IP protection. By securing creator licenses with rights holders, our users will be able to earn from their fan art creations – for the first time – and rights holders will be able to set quality thresholds to protect their brand while sharing a new unlocked, powerful. And measurable revenue flows.

What is your USP?

The MetaFrames team and our unique tokens, which we created.

MetaFrames has been created to focus solely on building a community that has real meaning and longevity resulting in a team with a variety of backgrounds, yet highly experienced and passionate. For example, my career spans more than 30 years in media and entertainment, venture capital, investment banking and law, which means I (and the team) have a deep understanding and respect for IP custodians – the heart of the Metaframe platform.

We are more than just technology and crypto enthusiasts. We’ve created unique tokenics (Supply and demand characteristics of cryptocurrencies) which ensures alignment of all stakeholders; Fruitful trading, stacking and most importantly creation. The purpose of our tokens is to provide a secure means of exchange to reward our users.

What is the value of your company? Have you ever challenged them and if so how did you deal with it?

The value of MetaFrames is:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Emotion and
  • Effect.

MetaFrames is building a Web3 company that started in the very early stages of the new creator economy. This means we are engaged in various discussions with rights holders, manufacturers and investors and understand the pain points, barriers, demands, aspirations from the offset.

We have been approached by investors on a number of occasions who have requested for both equity and token allocation for the company – which goes completely against our TokenMix model which has led us to withdraw from these discussions. MetaFrames wants to work with people and organizations who believe in maintaining Web3’s commitment and reaching new heights to the Internet in the right way.

How do you ensure that you are hiring a team that reflects your company’s values?

The MetaFrames team, including our advisors, is primarily made up of onboarding people we’ve worked with before and recently recruited against our values ​​and beliefs. Metaframes are creating something amazing so it’s crucial that our employers are right; A reflection of our cause and unwavering commitment to transform the NFT’s Wild West landscape.

Are you happy to offer a hybrid work model for the next home / office?

Metaframes were created during the lockdown and as the world returns to the ‘new normal’ we will continue to employ flexible approaches to work from anywhere. I still believe office time is important. Our team is extremely talented and proud to have the morale to be together personally and give the opportunity to bounce around innovation, which is the fun part when embarking on an exciting venture.

Do you have any tips to effectively manage suppliers and customers?

The truth is original. People want to deal with people – real people – so our focus is on building strong relationships with both our suppliers and customers, putting their needs first. Many of our relationships to date have been built over many years of doing business which means we have confidence in who we are and what we are trying to build.

Any money or cash-flow tips for starting a new business?

My philosophy is ‘Don’t be afraid to spend money, but always make sure there is a good value for money.’

It is common knowledge that one of the main reasons many startups fail is that they run out of cash. I have seen many startup founders pressurize suppliers for as little money as possible because they do not have the funds to achieve what they want. This is not the way to succeed. It is important that startups raise enough capital to support and achieve the desired results Know the price of everything i.e. budget and its value.

What if you could change the government one thing for business?

Reduce regulation, taxes and red tape for startups wherever possible. Encourage new businesses to grow so that the economy grows because it ultimately benefits everyone.

What is your attitude towards your competitors?

If you have a competitor, you must be in a good place! Fair competition is good for everyone, resulting in the highest level of innovation and value for money for the end user, and I welcome that.

Any thoughts on your company and the future of your dreams?

I feel very fortunate to have survived a time of great technological innovation and to have experienced the transformation of the media industry through technology. I believe the way I did in 1997 when some people took advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet by filling DVDs in envelopes and within a decade Netflix became a media powerhouse, the next generation of media companies are now being born. These will probably look like an NFT studio or marketplace at first, in other words will be in production or distribution. MetaFrames has both and our dream is Web3 the next generation media powerhouse.

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