Taylor discusses his successful career in Applebam corporate patent law

Taylor Applebaum is an experienced attorney, specializing in corporate patent law.

After earning a law degree from Stanford University, Mr. Applebam moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he took a job working for a prominent law firm.

There, he spent ten years practicing under some of the best attorneys in town while using his unique skill set. Eventually, he decided to open his own practice and build lasting relationships with hundreds of loyal clients.

Mr. Appelbaum and his wife, Ayesha, are happily married with two children. In his spare time he enjoys horseback riding and his family has an annual tradition of participating in the Kentucky Derby.

What do you currently do in your company?

I am an attorney who specializes in corporate patent law, which means I protect my clients’ intellectual property rights. Patent law basically provides legal protection for new products and innovations. Likewise, as the founder and CEO I oversee all day-to-day activities and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

What was the inspiration behind your business?

I have always been someone who enjoys the fast-paced nature of the legal sector. I’m fairly outgoing, so I like to communicate with clients every day. In addition, I come from a long line of business professionals so I guess you can say it goes to the family.

What defines the way you do business?

For me, my number one condition is to work with transparency. The legal field is complex and always involves a lot of risk, so it’s always good to be open and honest with your clients. I really value open communication and I often encourage my clients to contact me directly with any questions or concerns regarding their policy etc.

What can you share in being productive?

Everyone works differently but I know the key to productivity for me is to set realistic expectations about myself. I understand that many people claim that multitasking makes them work more efficiently but I think it is better to focus on one task at a time. I try my best not to bite more than I chew. It’s about the quality of the work you do. I rather take more time and fix something for the first time.

How do you measure success?

I measure success by the amount of perfection I feel in a role. I like to take positions that challenge me to think outside the box. My career has been very fruitful and I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with so many talented people.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned through your career?

Never take the advice of others. There are many success stories out there but one thing that everyone has in common is that they have all made their own way. People will always try to give you unsolicited advice, but it is better to believe in your own instincts. Find a mentor to give you some educated advice, but trust yourself to make the right decision at the end of the day.

What advice would you give to others who are aspiring to be successful in your case?

Don’t let anyone take advantage of you. At the beginning of my career I didn’t have enough skin for the legal landscape, but experience changed that. No day is easy in this case, but it also makes it exciting. If you want to be an attorney, you need to self-reflect a part of your weekly schedule.

What are some of your favorite things outside of work?

I am certainly a family-oriented person, and I am happily married with a wife and two children. We really enjoy horseback riding and every year we plan to go to the Kentucky Derby as a family to watch the races.

What you can keep up with some of the most influential books you’ve read and / or the websites you recommend

I would recommend the book Success through a positive mindset By Napoleon Hill. I am a big believer in maintaining a positive attitude and this book provides some compelling insights on the benefits of doing so and how it can lead to personal success. I encourage anyone who may need some extra inspiration to pick a copy.

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