The Cotswold couple realized the dream with a rich Italian food business

A Cotswold-based authentic Italian food business founded by a couple who initially dreamed of sharing classic Italian flavors with the local community, shows no signs of stopping – in just four years it has expanded its activities to two professional kitchens, in addition to the first. The restaurant opens next month.

Business owners Clara Cardillo and Matteo Conte launched their brand Non Solo Pasta in 2018, with the ambition to share their Italian culture with the locals. Since then, the business has built a reputation for great taste and now has a rich position in both Stroud and Sirenster, where it employs three workers.

Starting their journey with a healthy dose of ambition and a love of Italian cuisine, Clara and Matteo needed a strong business structure, and thanks to the help of The Growth Hub, they achieved just that.

Growth Hub has helped provide future-proof development plans for sustainable growth, as well as introducing a range of non-solo pasta to industry professionals, such as Hills Design’s design team, who have helped create brand identity through bespoke logos and broad branding. Has done 8

Within this networking, The Growth Hub helped secure a trial listing with their Mid County Cooperative, which worked to improve the brand’s profile and saw its products sell at retail across Gloucestershire. This support and guidance allows the couple to pursue their dreams and even Matthew may leave his job to focus on full-time business growth.

Commenting on her partnership with Growth Hub, Clara said: “Growth Hub was so important to our journey and without their help and guidance we would not be where we are today. They introduced us to many important people and we are really grateful for that. The last four years have been a whirlwind, but I can say with confidence that we have come out on the other side, more determined than ever to share the amazing flavors of Italy with as many people as possible! ”

Non-Solo Pasta has begun its journey to the Sirenstar farmer’s market with its ever-popular Arancino – a traditional Italian street food. The delicious flavors of bolognese, including peas, beetroot and goat cheese, quickly became a staple among the Cerensestar foodie community and laid the foundation for their future success.

The brand is set to open its first restaurant, Terra, in June this year, in partnership with Stroud’s Sanderson Boutique Store. It is delivering a farm shop at Gloucester Services with its famous Arancini with plans to stock more products next month.

Peter Brown, The Growth Hub’s Business Guide, comments: “When we first met Non Solo Pasta, we really focused on going back to the basics and looking at product offerings, branding as well as talking about innovation and creating new products. I am thrilled to see the progress made by Clara and Matthew and they really took the opportunity to pivot through the epidemic – based on their food service and hospitality experiences. We would be happy if we could add value by increasing profitable sales and improving their excellent local team. This partnership with Non Solo Pasta has been really rewarding for everyone at The Growth Hub. “

Growth Hub is a one-stop shop for business owners in Gloucestershire, offering a range of fully funded business support solutions. It provides free expert-led workshops, modern co-working spaces, online resources as well as direct support from a team of consultants designed to provide business owners with a sustainable plan for the future.

Clara continues: “I would definitely recommend Growth Hub to any small business that wants to take the next step in their journey. They give you confidence and know how to be successful and you will not regret meeting them. Since the epidemic, our business has grown a lot. We have a unit at Stroud’s Five Valley Market and a professional kitchen in Sirenster, with three amazing staff working with us. We can’t really be happy. “

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