The Peruvian president has replaced four ministers as the crisis escalates

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo has replaced four ministers in the mining and fertilizer crisis, after lawmakers proposed condemning some cabinet members.

Alessandra Herrera was appointed Minister of Mines this week after the government failed to reach an agreement between the MMG’s Las Bambas copper mine and the indigenous community. Congress wanted to condemn former minister Carlos Palacios.

Xavier Ars has been made Minister of Agriculture. He will be tasked with resolving a fertilizer deficit that threatens to plunge the country into a hunger crisis. Dmitry Senmache will be the new Minister of the Interior and Juan Baranzuela will be the Minister of Transport.

These appointments were Castillo’s latest attempt to overthrow his government. The former rural schoolteacher, who unexpectedly emerged from the fray to win the presidency last year, lacks experience in government office or a majority in Congress, and his administration has come back from a crisis.

He has had four prime ministers since taking office in late July and has replaced many other top officials. The president himself survived a second impeachment attempt in Congress in March.

Following the swearing-in ceremony, the ruling Peruvian Liberal Party criticized the president for making changes without consulting them.

Guido Belido, Peruvian Liberal lawmaker and former prime minister, said on his Twitter account, “President, it is a serious mistake to let go of those who elected you.” “The population will consider it and remember it.”

With inflation reaching 8% last month, the Castillo government is facing more instability, the highest level since the late 1990s. The central bank responded by raising interest rates, after rising prices caused mass chaos.

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