Ukraine latest: Japanese PM condemns Russia’s war at Biden meeting

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has told US President Joe Biden that Russia’s aggression cannot be tolerated, as the two leaders met in Tokyo to discuss regional security and economic cooperation.

The number of people forcibly displaced from their homes worldwide has risen to more than 100 million for the first time since the Ukraine war and other conflicts, a United Nations agency said in a report.

President Volodymyr Zelensky says about 100 Ukrainian soldiers die every day in Donbass, the main focus of the Kremlin’s offensive.

Core development

  • Putin’s war means Russia’s rich are no longer welcomed in Davos
  • G-7 officials have created a $ 19.8 billion aid package for Ukraine
  • How an energy expert triggered Vladimir Putin with one word
  • Aeroflot is back in the future based on its ambitions.
  • Ruble reaches 5-year high as Gazprom clients pay attention to Putin’s gas
  • Facebook has been criticized for promoting Putin’s propaganda before NATO

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Biden, Kishida met in Tokyo (4:22 am)

Prime Minister Kishida told Biden at their meeting that “Russia’s aggression in Ukraine shakes the foundations of the world order and the change of status quo by force cannot be tolerated anywhere.”

Resource-poor Japan plans to phase out its use of Russian oil and coal, but Kishida says change will take time. The Kishida administration’s sanctions against Russia have proved popular with the people ahead of a crucial upper house election in two months.

United States, partners slams Russia in APEC (3:45 am)

The United States and several of its partners in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation group have jointly condemned Russia’s aggression, issuing a statement expressing “deep concern” following a meeting of bloc trade ministers over the weekend.

The United States, Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea are united after the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation Group failed to issue a formal joint statement. The United States and Russia have been holding a tit-for-tat walkout during their presentation at the meeting.

New Zealand sends artillery training team (3:15 am)

Up to 30 New Zealand Defense Forces artillery training teams will be deployed in the UK to help train Ukrainian military personnel to operate L119 105mm light field guns, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said.

More than 100 million forcibly displaced, UNHCR says (2:43 am)

The global figure needs to “serve as a wake-up call” for further action, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said in a statement, adding that 8 million people had been displaced by the war in Ukraine this year.

“The international response to the people fleeing the war in Ukraine has been overwhelmingly positive,” Grandi said. The number of forcibly displaced people worldwide rose to 90 million by the end of 2021, before a new wave of violence or protracted conflict erupted in Russia, including Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Nigeria, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. , UNHCR said.

Zelensky says Ukraine suffered heavy casualties in Donbass (5:52 p.m.)

As many as 100 Ukrainian soldiers could be killed every day in the deadliest fighting in the country’s east, President Zelensky told reporters at a joint news conference with his Polish counterpart Andrzej Dudar on Sunday.

It was a rare instance that Zelensky indicated how many casualties the country’s troops were causing. He made the remarks after being asked if he plans to lift the ban on leaving Ukraine for men of working age.

In his address to the nation on Saturday night, Zelensky described Donbass’s situation as “really difficult.”

France says Ukraine’s entry into EU could take 20 years (3:52 pm)

The whole process of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union could take 15 to 20 years, said Clement Beaune, France’s junior minister for Europe.

“If we say that Ukraine is going to join the EU in six months, or in one or two years, we are lying,” Beyonc said in an interview with Radio J on Sunday. “It’s going to be long, very long. I don’t want to sell illusions or lies.”

Beyonc মন্তব্য’s comments echoed those of French President Emmanuel Macron, who said earlier this month that the tough process of bringing Ukraine into the EU could take decades and suggested the formation of a “parallel European community”. The idea is expected to be debated at the EU summit in late June.

Duda of Poland says unity with Ukraine cannot be shaken (12:17 pm)

President Andrzej Duda has repeatedly congratulated Poland and Ukraine on their unity in a speech to the Kiev parliament.

“Only Ukraine has the right to decide its own future,” Duda said, adding that “the voice in Europe” was asking Kiev to go to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “If Ukraine is sacrificed for any kind of peace of mind, it will be a big blow not only for Ukraine, but for the entire Western community,” he said.

Duda, the first foreign head of state to address Ukrainian lawmakers in private since the Russian invasion about three months ago, said he was committed to ensuring that Ukraine was granted EU candidate status as soon as possible.

Polish PM says Norway should share oil profits (11:42 am)

Polish Prime Minister Mateus Morawiki has said that Norway’s recent “huge” gains due to high oil and gas prices should be shared, especially with Ukraine.

Morawiki, responding to a question about his government’s energy policy at a youth group meeting on Sunday, said coal-dependent Poland plans to switch to renewable and nuclear energy, while cutting off oil and gas supplies from Russia and the Middle East. We will.

Russian troops focus on Severodonetsk, U.S. analysts say (8:30 a.m.)

According to the Institute for the Study of War, Russian forces have intensified efforts to encircle and occupy Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region of Ukraine, and will probably continue to do so, as efforts on other axes in advance, including the Izim, have largely stalled.

The U.S. military think tank said troops could gather in certain areas of Zaporizia and Kherson Oblast to prepare for more offensive operations on the South Axis.

The UK Ministry of Defense said Moscow had probably deployed BMP Terminator tanks in the Severodonetsk area, adding that “their presence indicates that the Central Grouping of Forces was involved in the attack.” The unit suffered heavy losses near Kiev in the early stages of the Russian invasion.

Aeroflot Back to the Future Age Operations Shrink (8:00 am)

Russia’s Aeroflot PJSC has transformed itself over the past two decades from a punchline about communist-era service to an award-winning international career among the world’s youngest navies.

It now faces a future similar to that of its Soviet past, with the disengagement from its Boeing and Airbus jet parts and services, shifting its focus to domestic routes and locally produced aircraft as the effects of the unprecedented economic sanctions on Russia became apparent.

Aeroflot “will be its own shadow,” said Christopher Granville of TS Lombard, a London-based consultant. “This is a mirror for the Russian economy as a whole.”

Serbia’s Vusk discusses Russian gas with Putin (11:47 pm)

Serbian President Aleksandar Vusik will likely speak on Wednesday or Thursday to discuss gas supplies with his Russian counterpart, TV Pink reported, citing an interview with Vusik.

The country is focused on three areas: volume, price and reliability of supply, Vucic told TV Pink.

Kuleba calls for ‘clear goal’ as path to victory (9pm)

On Twitter, Ukraine’s foreign minister said “setting clear goals” and formulating policies to that end were the first steps for Ukraine to win.

Russia may consider swapping Ukraine’s Mariupol defenders for Putin’s ally (8:17 pm)

Russia will “search” for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ally, Viktor Medvedev, to replace some guards at the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, Interfax news agency reported. Peace talks with Kiev.

“We will study the possibilities,” Slutsky said on Saturday in the Russian-occupied eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, according to Interfax.

Medvedevchuk, a Ukrainian politician and businessman, was arrested by prosecutors on charges of high treason and terrorist financing. Putin called the case “political” and denied any wrongdoing. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last month proposed replacing Medvedevchuk for Ukrainian troops detained.

Zelensky calls for help to unblock Ukrainian ports (4:59 pm)

President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the partners to help reopen Ukrainian ports and clear the way for the export of about 22 million tons of grain and sunflower, blocked by Russia.

At a news conference with the Portuguese prime minister, Zelensky said that if the Black Sea ports were not blocked, there would be a second crisis in the world after the energy crisis.

Her comments echoed those of Grow Intelligence CEO Sarah Menker, who told a UN briefing this week that rising food prices this year – driven by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine – have made “an additional 400 million people food insecure”. Not enough, ”he said.

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