US bond funds saw outflows in the 19th week

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U.S. bond funds have been facing massive outflows since May 19, amid fears that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates more than previously expected to keep inflation in check.

Investors offloaded মার্কিন 8.39 billion worth of U.S. bond funds in the 19th week of net sales, according to Refinitive Lipper.

Jerome Powell, chairman of the US Federal Reserve, said this week that the central bank would “push” to tighten US monetary policy until it became clear that inflation was declining.

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Investors sold মার্কিন 3.05 billion worth of U.S. municipal bonds in their biggest settlement in three weeks and pulled out of কর 5.52 billion worth of taxable funds.

U.S. high-yield bond funds saw liquidity worth $ 2.93 billion, the largest weekly net sales in five weeks, and short / medium investment-grade funds posted 3.74 billion outflows.

Meanwhile, U.S. short / medium government and Treasury funds have flowed for the second week in a row, valued at $ 3.4 billion.

U.S. equity funds outflowed for the sixth week in a row, amounting to $ 3.85 billion, although sales fell 54% from a week earlier.

US large-cap equity funds received সরাসরি 2.59 billion in inflows after five weeks of direct net sales, but small- and mid-cap funds faced outflows of $ 1.83 billion and $ 0.69 billion, respectively.

U.S. growth and pricing funds both witnessed net sales of $ 1.7 billion and $ 200 million, respectively.

The sector posted $ 1.34 billion and $ 0.61 billion outflows in funding, financial and consumer considerations, but utilities and healthcare tempted inflows worth $ 0.78 billion and $ 0.69 billion, respectively.

Investors, meanwhile, drew 20.31 billion from US currency market funds as sales continued for the second week in a row.

(Reporting by Gaurab Dogra and Patturaja Murugabupathin Bangalore; Editing by Hugh Lawson)

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