WhatsApp will launch a cloud-based, premium feature for businesses

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WhatsApp is launching free cloud-based API services to get more business using the app, Meta Platform CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced at the company’s messaging event on Thursday.

The messaging service, which is increasingly attracting business users, is one of several platforms where Facebook-owner Meta has introduced more shopping and business-centric features.

Speaking at the Meter “Conversation” event, Zuckerberg said the offer would mean “any business or developer can easily access our services, build directly on top of WhatsApp to customize their experience, and provide customers with their feedback time using our secure WhatsApp cloud.” Can speed up. ” API hosted by Meta. “

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WhatsApp already has a type of API, or software interface, for businesses to connect their systems and engage in customer service chat on the service, which generates revenue for Meta.

Meta, which bought WhatsApp for 2014 19 billion in a 2014 landmark deal, said businesses would not be able to send messages to people on WhatsApp unless they requested to be contacted.

WhatsApp also said Thursday that it plans to offer optional payment features for users of its exclusive business app as part of a new premium service designed for small businesses.

These features, which are still being developed, will include chat management options for up to 10 devices and customized click-to-chat links that businesses can post on their websites and share with customers.

Uber CEO Dara Khosroshahi, speaking at a conference with Sheryl Sandberg, Meta Chief Operating Officer at the conference, said one-third of users in India who order rides through WhatsApp are new customers.

The ride-hailing company, which launched its WhatsApp chatbot in December, now plans to further customize the service for users in and around Delhi and expand into markets like Brazil, he said. (Reporting by Elizabeth Culiford and Katie Paul, New York; Editing by Lisa Schumacher)

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