Why I gravitate towards iconic brands

Emil Michael has worked with some of the most influential brands in the world market, including Uber, Gopaf, Revlot and Clout.

The experienced tech executive says he is always attracted to ideas that could somehow change the world. From Facebook and Amazon to Netflix and Google, Michael says he asks himself, “Could this be a winner?”

Michael has the skills to invest in Starler startups. He says he has a certain standard that he applies and he checks the boxes. He considers that the first thought is who is running the company. Then he wonders if the idea is big enough.

Emil Michael invests in the experiment

“Could it be a cultural, iconic company?” Emil asks Michael. “There are other people who want to make Snowflake software and no one knows what it is. And then there’s the building iconic brand – and that’s why I’m drawn to the iconic. “

Emile Michael has invested in four companies since leaving his top spot in the ride-sharing industry, when the British fintech app Revolt immediately caught his eye. He says he tends to invest and advise on the brands he believes in After working in China from 2013 to 2017, he developed an interest in Revolut

“What I have seen there is that they are avoiding paper money and moving on to these electronic payment systems called Alipay and WeChat Pay. You saw the flow of these friction-free payments, and there were no fees, “Michael recalls.” So people were avoiding banks and using these financial instruments to manage their financial lives, and I was like, ‘This is going to happen all over the world.’ And it’s happening all over the world with PayPal, Venmo, all these things are changing. And the old financial consumer banking system, where you go to sit in front of a teller, counts the days. “

Emil Michael has invested in Gopf, a consumer goods and catering service, which he hopes will continue to grow rapidly. “For fast trade, I’m seeing a huge increase because people are doubling down on trips to convenience stores,” says Emile Michael. The brand, founded by two college friends, launched its Goff Kitchen ready-to-eat division last summer. “It is designed for your immediate needs. And it’s the future because we’re all becoming more impatient, “explained Emil Michael.

Quantum computing leader D-Wave is another brand Emil Michael owns his SPAC DPCM Capital D-Wave Quantum Inc. Interested in working after acquiring D-Wave system to form (QBTS). D-Wave, which is exclusively producing annealing and gate-model quantum computers, was appealing to him. According to Michael, the $ 1.6 billion deal will give a bigger spotlight on quantum computing.

Technology D-Wave Riding

“I’m particularly excited about Alan Baratz’s leadership,” said Emil Michael during an investor presentation. “He is both technically profound in a way that is unique in the industry and commercially minded. And D-Wave, therefore, I think has the best chance of becoming the largest quantum computing independent player on the market. They have real customers today with real applications, which provide real income to the business. “

According to Baratz, the brand is the first and only commercial quantum computing company to solve real-world optimization problems today. Baratz added that the TD Emeritus Network can affect current complex issues, from quantum computing staff schedules and autonomous vehicle routing to container ship loading.

Baratz says QBTS will first start trading around Q3. Emil Michael says he likes D-Wave because of the fresh look of the world.

Future financing

As a global business leader and father of a young daughter, Emil Michael says he often thinks about the future and the world that his daughter’s generation and future generations will inherit.

Fintech’s ever-evolving field continues to excite forward-thinking CEOs. And when it comes to secrets to the success of creating it in that world, Emil Michael admits to taking risks.

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” he says. “There are very few entrepreneurs who have been successful who have just been lucky. I don’t know Brian Chesky on Airbnb. Jeff Bezos is almost bankrupt Amazon. You can go from story to story. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple. Everyone had their tough moments and if you can be resilient through them, I think you have a better shot at success. “

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